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History & Today



Connecta was incorporated in 1987 by Alan Pyle. Originally the company produced RF connectors (radio frequency connectors) for use in commercial and military aircraft, a business that continues to this day. In the beginning, all connector piece parts were purchased from outside vendors and assembled by Connecta, but in order to meet delivery dates, contain costs and meet rigid quality requirements, it was necessary to manufacture in-house. At that time, Connecta became a regional pioneer in CNC Swiss turning. With excess capacity provided by these efficient machines, Connecta started manufacturing parts for other aerospace companies with small and intricate part requirements. In the past 35+ years, Connecta has grown to serve a wide range of industries, and continues to develop new capabilities to satisfy evolving customer needs.


Under new ownership as of 2022, Connecta is heavily focused on our customers needs, product quality, and the growth of our team members.  Our leadership team works to maintain our friendly atmosphere and dynamic company culture.   We are building upon a great foundation to continue serving our clients over many years to come.

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