Connecta specializes in the use of CNC Swiss turning machines to produce small to medium runs of precision turned parts. While conventional lathes operate with a stationary part and moving tool, our CNC Swiss Turning lathes operate with a stationary tool and a part that moves along the z-axis.  The ability to mill and drill a material as it advances from the guide bushing, along with the feature of live tooling, allow for a time saving, precise operation.


CNC Swiss turning machines produce parts for a wide variety of industries, such as medical, electronics, and aerospace.  Connecta specialized in small to medium runs of small precision, turned parts. 


Connecta uses Brother mill, drill, and tap centers for machining small parts, along with Omniturn machines for secondary operations. We offer our customers in-house passivation, Sermetel coating, and heat treating. We utilize a Thermoline heat treat oven with Honeywell readouts and recorder, as well as liquid nitrogen, to provide clean scale free parts.

Additional information about Connecta can be found in our Conflict Minerals Statement and our Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement.


If you have any questions about our services or would like to contact us for business inquiries, call us at (317) 923-9282 or email us at info@connecta.com.  Click here for more contact inromation.