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Connecta specializes in the use of CNC Swiss turning machines to produce small to medium runs of precision turned parts. While conventional lathes operate with a stationary part and moving tool, our CNC Swiss Turning lathes operate with a stationary tool and a part that moves along the z-axis.  The ability to mill and drill a material as it advances from the guide bushing, along with the feature of live tooling, allow for a time saving, precise operation.

We specialize in providing turned parts up to 1.50” diameter and 24” in length. We hold tight tolerances on our parts to +/- .0003. Our experienced machinists, with a combined 50+ years of experience, work with a variety of material to produce small complex parts.
Primary materials we work with include:
Aluminum     Stainless Steel      Titanium              Vespel
Brass            Steel                     Super Alloys
Copper         Nylon                    Delrin

Over the last 35 years, we have primarily served the Aerospace industry with many well-known clients. In addition, we provide CNC turned parts for other industries such as:
Automotive             Electronic          Medical

Pump and Valve     Defense             Energy Sectors

Marine                    Oil

Machining Capabilities:

Secondary Operations:

Connecta provides additional processes including rework or repair, passivation, painting, and assembly. 

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